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your mobile pet boutique Helping dogs live fuller lives,
one “wiggle” at a time.

The Wiggle Bar creates a venue where dogs can enjoy their best lives by savoring our healthy, human-made treats. By keeping mobile, we aim to be wherever humans and their most treasured companions go. Thus, keeping our humans smiling, their best friends’ tails wagging, and butts wiggling.

Some of our delicious products...

Wiggle "Bun"dt Cakes

Fun, dog-sized cakes, crafted to not only taste great but to inspire those distinguished sniffers. Made with a variety of human grade ingredients. Offering multiple flavors to cater to even to pickiest wiggle eaters.

PawBrews With Brew Biscuits

PawBrews with Brew Biscuits

Beer formulated just for dogs, made in the U.S.A. with human-grade meat and vegetables, combined with our malt barley brew, omegas, and glucosamine. Each treat thoughtfully made and individually stamped before baking. Made with all-natural ingredients, our biscuits are human grade, formulated with a variety of local meats, fruits, vegetables and grains.

Barkcuterie Box

Barkcuterie Box

Straight up fresh protein, veggies and fruit, in a box. If you are out and about, hungry, waiting on a meal, this option can serve as a quick snack to tide you over until your human is able to feed you, or depending on how big you are, can serve as a super quick meal option.



Sweet Treat with home-made shells to whipped frosting for your favorite companion.

Helping to fight against homeless pets by supporting local shelters.

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